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I am the Chief Genealogist of Genealogic Expert. I had always been interested into genealogy but I seriously got involved on research when I knew my wife was pregnant and I was going to be a father.  I wanted to give my son the gift of his past.


Over the years I was able to track thousands of my ancestors, in some of the branches up to 44 generations back, reaching to the Kings of León and Castilla that fought the Reconquista war in Spain in the IX Century.


Genealogy became my passion and my obsession. I found myself spending all my time learning new techniques and developing renewed and systemic approach for the genealogical research.


family tree

I found my noble ancestors in Asturias and Galicia and had our family Coat of Arms registered with the King of Arms as a present to my descendants. But the most important present I will leave them is the gift of knowing their history, a connectedness with their past, a link to our culture and sense of pride.

I want to help you to achieve the same feel of completeness I have when I look I at the family tree chart hanging in my wall.




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