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How is my information stored and treated?


Our professional genealogists sign non-disclosure agreements and are bound by the professional genealogist code of ethics. 


Can you help me to find distant cousins, living relatives and adopted children?


We do not do these types of services. Our focus is on direct ancestors’ genealogy.



How far back in time can someone's family be traced?


The best answer to this question is “it depends”.  Hispanic countries have been through several wars in the XIX century and many of the records were destroyed. In addition, the genealogical records are not centrally catalogued or available on-line.

On the contrary, most Hispanic countries have a Roman Catholic tradition, and the Church started recording baptisms, marriages and deaths right after the Council of Trent in 1563. Therefore, if your family records have not been destroyed and are available, you could trace our family back to the XVI century.

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Where is most of your research conducted?


Our research is conducted at Local Government Archives, Church Diocesan Archives, Local countries civil records and LDS Family History Centers.

Unfortunately we can not take advantage of  the many internet resources such as and because Hispanic heritage information is very limited.



How long does a standard research project take?


Genealogical research is a very time consuming activity and working on Hispanic genealogy requires a lot of patience.  For example, many church and vital records are not open to the public for research and letters needs to be sent to the parishes to request permission to access them. Depending on the complexity of the research project it will take between three months to two years to complete. During the whole process we keep the customers updated via e-mail on every progress made and they receive a revised tree showing how the research is progressing.



Is your research capable of telling me anything about a family's medical history?


This is not a service that we provide. Some medical information may be obtained from the death certificates, but we do not specialize on this type of research. 

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What are other costs related to genealogical research?  Will you charge me for them?


Some the additional costs are:

a) Charges incurred for ordered vital or church records. 

b) Miscellaneous Research Fees like copies, postage and shipping charges

c) Records ordered from a Library or Courthouse

All these costs are included in the list price and customers will not be charged extra for them.



Do you offer any additional services?


These are some of the additional services we offer.

  • Family information storage and back-up

  • Translation to English of all supporting documents

  • Scanning of old photographs to digital format

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