genealogic experts

genealogic experts


Why Genealogy?



Ever wondered how you got here? Genealogy will discover your own family history and will help you connect to your roots.

A family tree is considered the best way to preserve the family history and legacy.

We must consider that the Hispanic culture perhaps more than any other in America attaches great importance to family, history and traditions.

The family is an integral component of the Hispanic culture and it can no be complete without an adequate knowledge of our ancestors.


Our customers have the most diverse reasons to order a genealogical research. Some want to know the historical past of their own family, clear out doubts about a certain ancestor, create a beautiful family tree or obtain documentation for the certification of the family coat of arms. Your grandmother told you that old family tradition that you descend from a noble conquistador. We can help you to confirm or deny that tradition as we have ample experience working with the Nobility archives in Spain.


But it does not matter if our family was noble, wealthy or like most, poor farmers. What matters is to find out who our ancestors were, how they lived and what heritage they have passed on.


When the research is complete you will get a feeling of completeness and enjoyment. The final product has an incalculable value, how can you put a price to memories and history!!! These documents will be retained in your family for generations to come.




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